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Windows 10 and Direct X12 Are About to Enhance Gamers on Console, PC & Other Supported Devices

Today Microsoft held another Windows 10 press conference. This was a pretty awesome thing to watch with a massive amount of news that will delight Xbox and PC gamers alike.

The big thing to note is that Windows 10 and Direct X12 will be at the heart of everything gaming for Microsoft going forward. Utilizing both of these new updated operating systems, gamers will be able to look forward to cross platform play and chat, an Xbox app that will connect you to all of your friends, as well as a device-less recording mechanism for PC gamers utilizing the power of Xbox’s Upload Studio.

For starters gamers will be able to download the Xbox app onto Windows 10 devices that will allow you to access your friends list as well as game list across all platforms that they are part of. In doing so, you will be able to message your friends through text as well as voice chatting. This extends the ability of you to be able to connect to your gaming friends across multiple platforms, including Steam.

Steam players that are on Windows 10 will also be able to access this through their Steam profile and will also be able to record their gameplay through the same mechanism as non-Steam, Windows 10 gamers.

A bit behind Sony in streaming, Xbox and Windows 10 are joining the ability to play across difference supported devices. By utilizing the new OS, you will be able to play your Xbox games on PC, tablets and mobile devices. Xbox controllers will be able to connect to these devices and respond seamlessly. Additionally some games will allow for cross-platform play, so far we do know that Fable Legends will be one of the first games to enable this on Windows 10. For the record Shadow Run and Crackdown supported cross-platform play between PC and Xbox 360.

Lastly, just like the Xbox One, PC gamers will be able to enjoy the ability to record their game play on Windows 10 devices. This should be a most welcomed ability for gamers who do not want to shell out the money for an external device. For the record, Upload Studio on the Xbox One is a pretty damned good editing platform that keeps getting better over time.

HoloLens was also announced and we plan to update you on that soon.

Source: Windows 10 Briefing

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