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Dying Light Delayed 5 Days Before Launch

Do you need more of a reason to abandon physical copies and move to digital downloads? Well it looks like physical copy pre orders of Dying Light have been delayed until and undetermined date.

dying lightDying Light’s physical release in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia has been delayed until….. well we don’t know. Techland have still to announce the new release date for physical copies. Although rumor has it that the physical releases have been pushed back almost a whole month to February 27th. Digital versions of the game will now be released on January 28th in these territories. North America and some other areas will still receive the physical and Digital Downloads on January 27th as planned.

Techland announced as an apology that “Be the Zombie” a planned pre-order bonus will now be available to everyone for free and that all physical pre-ordered versions of Dying Light will come with two extra DLC packs, Cuisine & Cargo and Ultimate Survivor Bundle for free.

Source: Dying Light Facebook Page


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