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Gears of War announcement to be made today?

Can you or can you not stop the train - that is the question?

UPDATED 27/01 – 08/30

So sadly it turns out we were just getting trolled. Using the hype surrounding any Gears of War news is certainly a great way to get attention to your big announcement. Well played Lester, well played.

For those who are interested, here is what the big announcement actually was:



Lester Speight, the voice of the Cole Train, in Gears of War, has just recently tweeted out that he has breaking news that he will be releasing within the next 24 hours!

Why is this Gears related you ask? Well, one year ago tomorrow Microsoft acquired the IP for the Gears of War franchise, coincidence much??

Lester has also been re-tweeting and encouraging the excitement and hype from the gears fans on this announcement via his Twitter.

lesterAre we in for an actual update on the progression of the next installment of Gears of War?

Is Lester going to confirm that the ‘Cole Train’ will be back in his larger than life form or perhaps the main protagonist? Only time can tell.

Or, is he just using the hype in the gaming community over Gears of War to promote some other side project?? Here is hoping not!

As a completely dedicated Gears of War fan for life I can only hope that we are not being trolled.

Check back in here over the next few hours as I will update you as more unfolds.

lester……and as I always say, #TheMarcusFenixCollection FTw

SOURCE: Twitter


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