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Changing How I Play Destiny Helped Me Enjoy the Game More

One of the things that really irritated me about Destiny was the ridiculous grindfest that it becomes. In order to get ahead you will have to grind at something. On occasion you might even have to pre-grind the grind itself. I have personally kept no secret about the dissapointment that I felt when I reached the Destiny end game. While I still believe that Destiny has a long ways to go, I discovered a new way to help enjoy my time with Destiny while playing.

For me, these are several steps that I took to help apprciate my time playing Destiny rather than being upset that it wasn’t everything I wanted. In the end, I believe it helped me see the game in a whole new light.

  • Play with friends. I know that this sounds cliché but it holds true. Destiny is meant to be played with your friends so that you can take on more challenging tasks, requiring communication and coordination in order to have it timed right. Sure you can play solo, and some will probably prefer this route, but you should open up those internet barriers and have some fun conversing while playing.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail. In other words, get out there and do the Raids. Expect to do them many times until you and your fire team have it right. If you’ve never completed a raid you need to find some friends that are willing to put several hours aside so you can see how complex the game really can get.

  • When doing bounties, multitask. Sometimes when you receive bounties you will come across many that you will be able to condense into one play through. I’ve been able to complete as many as five in one patrol round. If you happen to be on a patrol map, take the time to do some patrols while you are attempting to complete bounties. This will only increase your experience to yourself and your gear as well as give you faction points. In the end, consolidating these many tasks into smaller play throughs will help alleviate the deep feeling of repetitiveness.
  • Level your gear up together. Most of the time when you have completed the final ranking of one piece of gear, there is a chance that another one is not far behind it. If you have been around enough to come across sweet new gear, level it up with other unleveled gear. Sure if drops your level as well as damage and defense output but it helps coordinate what pieces are helpful to you and what are not.
  • Switch your play style up. One of the things that does cause repetitive feelings is the lack of changing how you play. Maybe you can make a totally new character? Maybe try out the crucible? Switching your game up within the game can definitely help Destiny feel a bit fresher every time you play it.

Is there anything that you do to help Destiny feel fresh? Or have you completely given up? Let me know at my twitter (#DestinyThoughts) or here below.

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