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Dragon Age Inquisition Huge Patch 5 Coming

Bioware is releasing its Patch 5 for Dragon Inquisition in an unusual format and only for some people.

Patch 5 will be realised to a select group of PC players via signup to create a closed, developer environment.
Patch 5 brings with it access to the Black Emporium, a mysterious underground shop run by an immortal proprietor. There you will be able to purchase powerful artefacts and tools to aid your cause, purchase epic weapons, powerful accessories, new crafting materials and schematics, and even change your voice and facial appearance using the Mirror of Transformation.

The patch also brings changes and other additions added by Bioware. In single player an auto-attack key has been added. You can also adjust the size of subtitles and a shader quality setting in the graphics options.

In Skyhold party storage has been added to the Undercroft. Also if you want to spice up your armour you can now use crafting materials to change the colour of armour with a tinter.

Bioware have yet to release the full list of changes and improvements but have said it will be provided to the Beta community.
If your a PC gamer and want to sign up you should be able to soon through the Keep.

Source : Bioware



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