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The Rayman/Super Smash Bros. Rumor That Fooled Everyone

Recently, Rayman was rumored en masse to be part of downloadable content for Super Smash Bros. Fueled by video footage, everything seemed legit. Right before I reported the rumor I stopped as I saw something fishy, a similar Barbie screen shot.

Today, the creator of said video revealed how he tricked the world into believing that Rayman will be part of upcoming DLC. YouTuber Artsy Omni is a deviant artist who seems to love creating such works of art. As for Rayman, it was pretty clever indeed. Artsy Omni also was sure to insert already confirmed DLC characters into the video to spice up the legitimacy of his trickery.

While this individual is sure to receive backlash from the Nintendo and Super Smash Bros. fans, you almost have to applaud the effort that he put into creating this rumor. There you have if folks, no Rayman for the upcoming DLC in Super Smash Bros. Then again, with all of this hysteria, it wouldn’t be surprising if Nintendo and Ubisoft are looking into the possibilities in the future.

Stopped short of reporting due to this photo.

Stopped short of reporting due to this photo.

Sources: YouTube, The ZB Network

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