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In-bound is news about Scalebound – Xbox One Exclusive

UPDATE:  Platimum Games’ Hideki Kamiya has been at it again it would seem. His tweet yesterday advising that we will see screenshots of Scalebound next week was sadly just a troll.

Upon reading back through MANY  very blunt tweets to his loyal fan base who seem to keep coming back for more harshly put responses from him, I have discovered that this is a prank he tends to pull every so often.

Why you ask? Why would a developer purposely mislead their loyal fanbase?

Well I guess it’s just for a laugh, I wasn’t expect any news about Scalebound prior to E3 later this year anyway, so this does not really come as any big surprise to me.

Once news does arrive, from someone other than Kamiya, you can se sure we will let you know.



We have been waiting months, eagerly anticipating news regarding the next title from Platinum Games – Scalebound.

This is the one trailer that captured my imagine most from last year’s E3 conference.


There has been so little news provided so far, so few details apart from a brief suggestion at last year’s Tokyo Game Show that the trailer hides the key to if there will or will not be multiplayer available.

Today, we have a little bit of an update for you.

If you have been hanging out for anything Scalebound related then next week you will be in your element.

Confirm today by Hideki Kamiya we are in for one our first looks since trailer launch at new screenshots of the game next week.

scale 1Dragons whom you forge bonds with, that fight battles with you, stand by you to determine the fate of both your world and theirs, deep dark hostile worlds – what more could a gamer ask for?

Be sure to check back in with me next week for your first look at these new screenshots.




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  1. Nice!!


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