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Legend of Monster Zelda 4… No That’s Not Right?

New Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC has been announced for next week with a different spin on it.

The Free DLC that will be available on the Nintendo eShop from the 6th of March will feature Legend of Zelda inspired content. In a Nintendo Live Voice Chat a few days ago it was announced that this new Free DLC will feature a sword, bow and armour all themed after Link (that’s the guy from Legend of Zelda…..yes his name is Link, not Zelda, Zelda is a she and a Princess).


The new DLC also features Clockwork Contraption quest episode. The episode quests are related to characters from previous Monster Hunter games with complete quest lines.
The DLC pack will also have some fan-made weapons that where featured in a recent design contest along with a new equipment set designed in collaboration with Universal Studios Japan.
This DLC pack also features a series of free DLC packs that will arrive the first Friday of the month.

Future upcoming content includes armour and weapons from the Metroid series and Mega Man inspired gear. You really can’t complain it’s free and freakin cool!

The Nintendo Live Voice Chat is available for download here, just incase you don’t believe the awesomeness that you just read….it’s the truth I swear.

Source: SegmentNext


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