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Project Spark Rewards on the way – Treasure Trove

Project Spark from day 1 has been great at listening to their community members and providing regular rewards and incentives. Today, Project Spark has announced that a new reward boost is headed your way in the form of a Treasure Trove.

Here are all the details directly from Project Spark:

Since Project Spark launched in October, we have been listening to the feedback of our loyal and active community. There is a lot we want to accomplish in 2015 to make Project Spark an even more fun and rewarding experience! The first reward boost is here in the form of the Project Spark Treasure Trove! Previously, players have been able to earn XP and credits just by using Project Spark. Now you’ll have a chance to earn XP, credits, tokens and more through the Daily Treasure Trove Game! The Spark Treasure Trove is designed to be simple, fun and quick. Its part of the new daily routine you can use to get Content Packs and items faster. We’re trying something new with this game, to give a lot of value to our players. And if you are a dedicated player who logs in every day to Project Spark, we’ll reward you with more tickets and a higher daily multiplier to get even better prizes. When does the Spark Treasure Trove launch? TODAY! Team Dakota will release a new update today. Once downloaded, you can get inside and start using the Treasure Trove immediately. We are also giving 5 bonus golden tickets to every user the first time they log in! Every day you log in, with the new Spark Treasure Trove, Spark Premium members will receive 3 tickets and Free members will receive 1 ticket. That’s a lot of chances for prizes. For more information on the Spark Treasure Trove, read our guide on how to play.


Alongside the launch of the Daily Treasure Trove, we are discounting 1 month of Spark Premium. If you have Spark Premium, just by logging in to Project Spark every day, you’ll amass 21 tickets per week to use in the Treasure Trove. If you play your cards right (pun intended), you’ll have more than enough chances to unlock all 10 Treasure Trove prizes. So if you ever wanted to get your hands on some Tokens, need more Credits, and want to maximize your daily sessions, then Spark Premium is the way to go! Even more so with 10% off. This Spark Premium sale starts effective immediately and will last through this week only. It’s the first of many more sales and promotions we’ll be starting in the Project Spark marketplace.


Community is the life, the drive and the foundation of Project Spark. And the community is alive and well in Project Spark. You have created more than 100,000 worlds already. You have sunk more than 4 million hours into creating and playing games in Project Spark. And the games and experiences made just keep getting better and better. You are truly game developers, designers, artists, cinematographers and engineers and you are changing the industry together. There is no single word, phrase or paragraph that can capture how thankful we are to our community and how much you fill us with wonder. You are changing the industry and we are along for the ride. What does changing the industry look like? Well, we put together a new community montage of some of those experiences that are game changers. And we have to say, it looks awesome.


Two of our most recent Content Packs, Kodian Archives and Epic Artist World Builder Pack, have really stirred up creativity among the community. These are two hefty packs you will want to check out if you haven’t already. Both are currently on sale in the Project Spark marketplace. We are also excited to announce that our previously released 2D Gameplay Icons pack will be receiving an update of 35 new icons starting today! The icons added come directly from top requests by the community. This will increase the amount of Pack items from 23 to 58! This update will also be free for all users that have previously purchased the Pack. And starting today, these new icons will be included in the previous 2D Gameplay Icons Pack offer.


The Project Spark Game Hub has launched on Xbox One. If you want to stay up to date on all things Project Spark right from your Xbox Dashboard, make sure to follow us on our Game Hub. Just search for Project Spark in Games, click on either “Leaderboards” or “Game Hub” and click to “Follow” us. Every day we will be giving out prizes to our followers in the form of credit bonuses. All you have to do is follow us and you’ll be entered to win each day. We want to spread the joy with our Xbox community.


So there you have it, looks like fans of Project Spark have a lot on the way to keep you well entertained for months to come.


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