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Xbox 360 owners, start building your Xbox One library now in preparation

Xbox 360 owners have previously had the ability to add games for the Xbox One to their library by via the web, but now, as of today, you can do this directly from your Xbox 360.

Most 360 owners know they are going to be upgrading in the near future, or when certain games finally reach the Xbox One such as Gears of War, so why not build your library full of free and cheap games now?

If you are Xbox Live Gold member, go to the special Games with Gold section on your dashboard and from there you can start adding games to your library.

Games like Rayman Legends that is this month’s free Game with Gold on the Xbox One can be added to your library now free of charge. If you are a few month’s away from getting your upgrade then this is a hassle free easy way to ensure you don’t miss out on being able to play the free games down the track.


Thank for the info Larry.


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