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Caffeine – Sci-fi horror for Xbox One

The Independent Games Festival that runs hand in hand with GDC 2015 is now well under way.

One of the newest indies to hit the scene, Caffeine, has been shown off today. The trailer is rather short and sweet, mainly showing off the Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) graphics and setting the mood of the game.

Developer Dylan Browne explained in an interview with AusGamers the reasons why the switch has been made from Unity to UE4:

“I went to UE4 because I really wanted Caffeine to stand out graphically, and visuals to me are quite important. Even just for the storytelling part of Caffeine, if you can make it look really nice it adds to the experience.”

“As well as that, the performance was much better moving into the UE4 compared to UE3. I found that with the previous engine, it didn’t really like big textures and with UE4 one of the main graphical reason was reflections. In UE3 the only way you can do reflections is by re-rendering the scene again, which takes a massive performance hit and it can only do flat reflections. ”

Caffeine sees you take control of what is a nightmarish experience for a young boy who is abandoned at a mining station. Release date is not certain yet except to say that it will be sometime in 2015


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