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GAME on, as Multiplay gets consumed

GAME has decided they want in. They want a piece of that large eSports pie. To do so, they have bought out the company well known for hosting the annual Insomnia event and online servers.

Apparently, this addition to their line up has cost them approximately £20 million!

Now the standard fear of anyone within the web of a financial take over is that there will be massive layoffs . However in this instance the current CEO, Craig Fletcher, will remain in control of the reigns, but now he will send status updates to Martyn Gibbs instead, who is the CEO for GAME.

GAME and Multiplay are both passionate about games and gaming, building valuable communities of gamers and putting customers first. Over the years we’ve worked closely with the GAME team on many occasions and come to know them well.” – Craig Fletcher.


“By acquiring Multiplay we are benefitting from nearly two decades of experience, during which time Multiplay has built an exceptional reputation and leading position in its markets. Multiplay has a great management team and a fantastic culture – their passion and enthusiasm for games is infectious. Like Multiplay, our communities are at the heart of our business, and together we will be able to move even faster to grow and develop our services for both gamers and suppliers in the UK, Spain and around the world.”

So who knows where to from here, however GAME is certainly a company that can take things to the next level, so in my opinion, we are in for an interesting ride.


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