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Microtransactions are about to hit the roof in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Purchasable Supply Drops

The past 24 hours has been massive for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare news, and it hasn’t stopped there.

You will now be able to purchase Supply Drops to increase your chances at snagging more of those elusive Elite Weapons.

Here is a nutshell version of the full details which I will list below from Activision:

  • Each Supply drop will contain 3 items
  • At least one weapon will be in each drop
  • At least one item will be Elite
  • Each item comes with an additional armoury space
  • No Orbital care packages or rapid supply time will be in the drops
  • Unique cosmetic items will be available


  • 1 $1.99
  • 3 $5.99
  • 5 $9.99
  • 10 $19.99 (with an additional 3 supply drops)

You will be limited on how many you can get to begin with, but that restriction will be lifted a couple of weeks after this comes into play.

So, how do you feel about this? Are you excited to know you can finally increase your armoury with more Elite items? Or are you concerned that people with bottomless pockets are going to end up with an unfair advantage from this?


Full details released by Activision:

What comes in an Advanced Supply Drop?

Advanced Supply Drops will contain three random loot items, including at least one weapon variant and at least one item of Professional rarity or greater. Items from Advanced Supply Drops can be used to upgrade loadouts and personalize an Operator, or they can be redeemed for XP.

What items are available in Advanced Supply Drops?

Beyond the inclusion of at least one weapon variant and at least one item of Professional rarity or greater, Advanced Supply Drops:

  • may include items that already exist in a player’s Armory
  • may include items that a player cannot use based on rank, and will remain locked in the player’s Armory until the required rank is achieved
  • may contain unique loot only available through Advanced Supply Drops, including the Eco Custom Exo and items from the Arctic Gear set
  • will not contain duplicate items within an individual package, however duplicate items may appear in different Advanced Supply Drop packages purchased in bundles
  • will not contain licensed/promotional items
  • will not contain Challenge-based itemsWhat kind of Advanced Supply Drop bundles can be purchased? Single Advanced Supply Drops containing three items can be purchased individually for $1.99 USD. Multiple Advanced Supply Drops can be purchased in the following bundles:
  • will not contain loot specific to Ranked Play or Clan Wars
  • Three Advanced Supply Drops for $5.99 USD (nine total items).
  • Five Advanced Supply Drops plus one bonus Advanced Supply Drop for $9.99 USD (18 total items).
  • 10 Advanced Supply Drops plus three bonus Advanced Supply Drops for $19.99 USD (39 total items).

Where can Advanced Supply Drops be purchased?

The easiest way to purchase Advanced Supply Drops is through the in-game store. Select Store from the main menu for Multiplayer or Exo Survival mode, and then navigate to the Advanced Supply Drops section.

Advanced Supply Drops can also be purchased through the Xbox Live Store.

How many Advanced Supply Drops can be purchased?

Players can purchase up to 10 of each bundle type available, which comes out to a grand total of 230 Advanced Supply Drops that can be purchased. This limit will be removed at some point in the coming weeks.

Can Advanced Supply Drops be purchased if an Armory is full and has no slots available?

If a player’s Armory is full when an Advanced Supply Drop is opened, each new item that exceeds the current Armory slot limit will grant the player a new, permanent Armory slot. These new Armory slots will be retained if the items creating these new slots are redeemed for XP.

Are there any other ways to get Advanced Supply Drops?

Yes, Advanced Supply Drops will also be awarded through normal gameplay. Players will earn Advanced Supply Drops after reaching ranks 20, 30, and 40, and after reaching Prestige.


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