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The art of thinking before you tweet – do many people actually possess this skill?

If you are reading this chances are its because you saw it on my twitter feed, which makes this completely relevant to you. Thinking before you tweet is something that not many people seem to exercise these days. We live in a digital culture where nearly all of our transactions are undertaken online, including our, what were once, ‘social’ interactions with our friends and family.

So why has the standard of our interactions online taken such a dive of late? Why is there so much negativity being spread around? If we go back to when social medias were not so prominent in our daily routine, would we have spoken to others the way that we have digitally? Most likely not.

I read an article today by Eddie Makuch who had the opportunity to speak with H1Z1 developer Tony Jones. They discussed the danger of tweeting without thinking about the repercussions particularly if you are a developer or a representative of a company. If you would like to have a read of that interview please click here.

socialWhen we think about how we want to be perceived in the future it’s important to recognize that what we do and say now will be a strong influence on that perception. I have witnessed a lot of gamers and developers putting themselves in very venerable positions by not taking a moment to think about how another person may interpret your words or how a hot headed outburst can send ripples through time that will continue to wash up on the sands for months, and sometimes years to come.

thinkThis digital landscape that we live in is an amazing networking tool that can be extremely beneficial to businesses and also in keeping friends and family in touch more frequently. So let’s start using it that way. Let’s start making a more positive influence on those around us and also set the pavement for a more respected and influential you.


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