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What could Bethesda be up to at E3?

This year, Bethesda Softworks plans to host its very own E3 showcase. This is huge news because typically developers and publishers will need to come with a stockpile of games in order to pull a presser off successfully.

The Obvious Answers:

While nothing is guaranteed, there are a couple of games that should be an obvious lock for Bethesda’s first presser. For instance, last year, QuakeCon goers were treated to a sneak peak to the next installment to the Doom franchise. With little to nothing said since this reveal, it should be an obvious choice to be part of the presser. When revealing Doom players will more than likely get to see the gameplay and learn more about the story of this new installment. Personally I am hoping that we see it go back to the old arcade-style shooter with the puzzles, hidden secrets and hordes of enemies at your doorstep waiting to give you a hellish ride to the final boss.

Another obvious lock should be Battlecry, which is being published by Bethesda under the new developer studio, Battlecry Studios. This was a game that was teased last year as a new-style competitive genre that mixed elements of shooters, MOBA’s; and like most MOBA’s it is planned to be a free-to-play game. This is also a game that should be keyed to not be confused with Gearbox’s newest IP of similar name and structuring, Battleborn.


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What Could Be Announced?:

We all know that Bethesda is a very secretive company when it comes to their highly touted franchises. Mentioning of Fallout or The Elder Scrolls will only bring excitement from most gamers by the droves. For these two entries of the franchises, The Elder Scrolls was able to make off with a beyond reasonable success with Skyrim, only to follow up with The Elder Scrolls Online; albeit the latter is technically developed by Zenimax Online. Fallout has been on the back-burner since the New Vegas entry and while rumors have been flying around about a Fallout located in Boston, it is a plausible scenario that the studio has the next entry to at least tease us with.

If a Fallout isn’t being announced, or even if it is, it is unlikely that the developer has been working on the next Elder Scrolls entry to announce. However, one thing that seems to be the trend in gaming these days is high definition remakes. If we are being honest, Skyrim is still hot on people’s minds especially in the PC modding community. Just recently the studio announced to allow unlimited modding in the next toolkit. This aside, it would be hard to deny the buying power a game like Skyrim would have, especially if it were to release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Anything new like The Evil Within to announce?

So let’s say these both are announced. It is hard to imagine that Bethesda would spend their hour to hour and a half talking about only four new installments to ongoing series and one new IP. Looking through their catalog there are a couple of franchises that stick out that might be looking to either be rebooted or move onto its sequel. Quake hasn’t seen a new installment since Quake 4 was released in 2005, Rage was released in 2011 with hit or miss scores and Dishonored was decently received after being released in 2012. These are all games that could potentially be receiving sequels. Brink is immediately discredited for the abysmal, buggy game it was released as and Bethesda has already claimed to have stopped development of Prey 2.

If none of these are being brought to E3, then clearly there is something more afoot than we know. Could Bethesda be seeking out to create completely new IPs and take risks outside of their Fallout/The Elder Scrolls safe-zone?

What Should Be Announced?:

Being the fact that it was hit with a pretty unspectacular start, The Elder Scrolls Online has seen many changes during it’s time on PC. While already announced for the consoles, a release date was set up for this June. The game is now free to play and is even bringing on a pretty cool justice system that will start allowing players to play the game like a real Elder Scrolls game, sticky thieving fingers and all. What should be next for the game is an announcement of a true expansion. Unlike DLC of standard games or in-game events, expansions should include massive amounts of new content to help keep players going and entertained. If one is not announced, it will surely be disappointing.

If we are also in a spectrum of remaking, why stop at remaking just Skyrim for the new console generation? Could it be possible to have the entire Elder Scrolls Anthology ported over? Obviously this is a dying person’s wish and unlikely to happen, but it would be a wonderful what if scenario. For that matter, where is the Fallout Anthology? With a Mad Max that is being published by WB Games right around the corner, this would certainly get the eyes off of the competing post-apocalyptic world.

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