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First details to upcoming Destiny patch 1.1.2 details

Since its release, Destiny has had many ups and downs. There is quite a checklist that it has been needing to adhere attention to and Bungie’s team is finally getting to them.

Among the list of needs to be fixed the next patch, 1.1.2, Bungie has revealed several things that are going to be part of the focal point but also stated that this is not the only things that will be getting fixed or updated.

Vault Space is looking to increase the amount of storage you and your guardians will have to accommodate all of the goodies you come across.

Raid Bugs will be looking to nail all of the nagging issues that players are experiencing while playing the Vault of Glass as well as Crota’s End

PvP Ammunition fix will look to help adjust the game flow while playing in the crucible.

Strikes in this update will look to investigate how certain strikes are more successful than others, in which sometimes cause players to quit.

Last, and certainly not least, Audio and Visuals will FINALLY get it’s LONG AND OVERDUE attention. One of my biggest complaints of the game was the lack of ability to adjust audio in the game to adjust things such as sound effects versus music or the voice dialogues versus party, etc. While they are “looking at providing more options,” it is safe to assume that this will finally be the update that should have been provided at launch.

This is just a small dose of what to expect, we will update with any additional information on Destiny’s next patch.

Source: Bungie

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