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Classic weapons and new Exo abilities on the way to Advanced Warfare

Michael Condrey is quite known for giving out little teasers via his twitter account and today has been no different.

Today, he has asked a well known YouTube personality:


New or classic? Well this could be very interesting. This could mean that if the votes are strong enough we could see some of our old favourites from previous Call of Duty releases be added to the game, such as my all-time favourite from Black Ops, the Commando.


This also means that the wider Call of Duty community can put their thinking caps on and come up with suggestions for new weapons that could revolutionise our armouries even further.

Condrey has also recently gone on record saying that there will be new Exo abilities on the way to Advanced Warfare too. I have included the interview below for you.

Just when this will happen he has not yet advised, however we know that news regarding DLC #2 Ascendance, is due to drop any day now, possibly later day I would expect, so perhaps we may see the first of these new abilities then?

If not we will just have to wait until later in the year when DLC #3 Supremacy or #4 Reckoning drop to get a look at these, including what new/classic weapons end up being added to the game.

So be sure to put your ideas forward and who knows, maybe you could be instrumental in bringing a new or classic weapon to one of your favourite games.


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