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UPDATED: Holy smokes Batman, did the Marcus Fenix Collection just get un-confirmed?


Earlier this week a message was sent from Phil Spencer via Xbox to a fan in reply to his question:

“Hey Xboss, please give me a simple answer, will we see GOW collection soon on my Xbox One. Yes or No?”

Phil’s response was “haha, I can’t announce that, but stay tuned.”

The general consensus from the Gears community including myself, was that this was a cheeky admission that we will be getting the Marcus Fenix Collection and soon.

However today Rod Fergusson has sent out two tweets that, in typical ‘lets build them up before we knock them down style’ has put an end to that theory.

The first tweet had everyone on the edge of their seats:

rod 1

Were we just about to finally get an announcement? Well yes, just not the one we were hoping for.


This doesn’t mean that there will be no collection at all, and certainly does confirm for us that something from the Gears collection is making its way to us, so that is great news in itself.

I have always said, we don’t necessarily have to have a collection, it would be preferable, but we are prepared to settle for one remaster, or even online multiplayer capability on it’s own. So now we play the waiting game, again, until we are drip fed more news.




You want it, I want it, the whole entire Gears community wants it.

Yep that’s right, I’m talking about #TheMarcusFenixCollection

So much speculation surrounds this possibility, and yes, I am bringing you more. However is this really speculation? Or is this maybe a sneaky admission that it’s really happening and an announcement is on its way soon?

Phil Spencer, king of Xbox, may have just put all our fears at rest. We have been praying to the Gears gods for over a year now that we may finally get the second most beloved franchise on Xbox ported over to the Xbox One and…………….. maybe……………. just maybe………… we might have our inadvertent confirmation via @Sn4kee on twitter….


So what do you think? After all of the signs over the past few months pointing towards a Gears Collection on the Xbox One, do you too also take this as a confirmation that we have the collection on its way, possibly at Christmas time as previously rumoured?


2 Comments on UPDATED: Holy smokes Batman, did the Marcus Fenix Collection just get un-confirmed?

  1. If this is true i can’t wait gears on Xbox one…


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