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#TheMarcusFenixCollection might be dead, but ‘The Gears Collection’ is very much alive

Yesterday Gears fans had some very unsettling news. Rod Fergusson, head of Black Tusk Studios, sent out a tweet advising that there is no ‘Marcus Fenix Collection’.

He didn’t just take that away and give us nothing though, he did confirm that Black Tusk are working on other Gears projects and that we will hear more at E3.

Since that revelation the Gears community has been in a state of dismay, not knowing if that meant that there will be NO collection at all, or if that just simply meant that it will not be called The Marcus Fenix Collection.

Phil Spencer is only too well aware of how strongly Gears fans support this franchise and how badly we want the collection, or even just one of the games from the franchise on the Xbox One.

Whilst on Twitter earlier today, Phil was replying to some of his fans and had this to say about the possibility of a Gears Collection:

phil gears

Will have more to say coming up” – not “No”, not “we are working on something else”, not even “as Rod said there will be no Marcus Fenix Collection”. Instead we got “will have more to say coming up”.

I don’t know about you but those few words has restored my faith that the second most iconic (well in my opinion the MOST iconic, but I love the Master Chief so will give him his dues) franchises will still have its day on the Xbox One without us having to wait years for Gears of War 4.

Does this mean we are getting a collection? Well not necessarily. Perhaps it will just be a remastered version of one of the games, or maybe we are in for more than we expected and the collection could still be on its way under another name with Judgement included.

You can be CERTAIN that as soon as this news drops I will update you further.


1 Comment on #TheMarcusFenixCollection might be dead, but ‘The Gears Collection’ is very much alive

  1. God, I hope this happens.


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