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Rumor: YouTube preparing to relaunch live-streaming for gamers

eSports might have a new home for streaming.

Rumor has it that YouTube is looking to re-launch its live-streaming events with a focus on gaming.

The now Google-owned visual media conglomerate, which failed to purchase the streaming service Twitch last year, is said to be focusing its live content services to the gaming market, specifically for competitive gaming. One quote specified competitive gaming when stating “Gaming and eSports in particular are going to be a big driving force for the new-look YouTube Live.”

This could be a major power play by Google and YouTube as there are many established YouTubers who also utilize the Twitch functionality in order to interact with their subscriber base. Eliminating the need for multiple different services from different areas of the web can also help reduce the time for preparation, especially for those just starting out with such services.

“There’ll be huge opportunities for established streamers and organizations soon and I would say that the record numbers of eSports viewers are only going to grow when Google start promoting and partnering with these events.” This would definitely be an added benefit for channels looking to grow without needing to sacrifice time to focus on two different sectors at a time. It also would be pretty easy for subscribers to find their favorite personalities, commentaries and gamers without having to massively search or sign-up for new services.

Source: DailyDot

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