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Splatoon looks to splash up Nintendo’s competitive side

Nintendo is definitely getting back to doing what they do best: making weird, yet fun experiences. One of their newest IP’s, Splatoon is due to arrive in May and there are some fun details about the game to surely get your competitive spirit up.

If you are unaware of what Splatoon is, it is a team-based, third person shooter that puts you in the shoes and tentacles of the Inklings fighting for territory control. You proceed to splatter your environment with your color ink and shift to your squid-like form in order to move throughout the map faster to quicker gain control.

Recerntly, Nintendo shared that while competing, players will have the opportunity to earn in-game currency to customize their characters that give added perks as well as gain rank to better match your skill set with others to reap more rewards. There also will be a ranked playlist that players will be able to contend in and increase a global ranking.

This is a pretty awesome, competitive incentive for Nintendo fans who typically are shunned from such competitive attributes aside from player hosted tournaments and the occasional Twitch speed-run.

As a company, Nintendo has definitely been behind when it comes to online multiplayer connectivity. Mainly due to the lack of third party titles where most of the competitive titles are created from. So this is a much welcomed addition to the Wii U console to help usher in a new wave of players to the realm of Splatoon, hopefully.

Again, there is no official release date, but Nintendo has stated that the game is expected to release in May. So this should be a fun play while waiting on the releases of StarFox and the next Zelda, both expected to release by the end of 2015.

Source: Nintendo

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