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Fantastic news for the Alpha testers in Smite and their data

For those who have been playing the Alpha test of Smite, fantastic news about all of your progress has been delivered.

Roughly a week ago the eSports Manager for Hi-Rez Studios, Scott Ghandi,  announced that the progress from the Alpha would be rolling over. While there was no clarification at the time of how far it would roll, we finally have out answer.

From an AMA via Reddit, we asked how far along the data would be carried over. In response we now know that all of your progress will roll over to the Beta, and then onto launch.

Cap Smite

This is fantastic news for anyone who has poured many hours into the Alpha. Launching a game and having to start all over is typically the standard in today’s Alpha and Beta testing. It is great to see that Hi-Rez appreciates the help in testing the game.

We also learned other things that the team is currently working on to help improve the game. Some issues such as custom builds, hotkeys for team notifications on the battlefield and controller sensitivity are all in the PC version and are currently being developed and tweaked for the Xbox build.

The Alpha testers will be able to enjoy conquest next month after the next patch is released. There was however no announcement of when the Beta testing would begin, however with a patch in the loom, I wouldn’t be too surprised if it is near.

Unfortunately, due to “technical reasons,” cross-play with the PC is not currently being planned.

There were a lot of great vibes about the Alpha testing and in this AMA. Hi-Rez showed that they have great confidence in the game on the console when Ghandi stated “, Personally I believe the Smite on the Xbox One is going to be insanely popular. It’s going to be very unique for the console audience to deal with a Free To Play game that has an eSports scene. Currently we are working on our strategy for the Xbox One. I’m expecting a high demand of people wanting to compete in tournaments and it’s my job to make it happen.”

Source: Reddit

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