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Updated: CoD Championships, scheduled for March 28th

Day one of competition has concluded and we now have the list of teams that have advanced onto tomorrows competition.

If you are wondering how your favorite team went today please see the end of this article (this list is still being updated with who won what as I could only watch so many matches today).

Saturday, March 28th – The teams that will be competing are:

OpTic Gaming

Denial eSports

DA.Below Zero

Team EnVyUs

Automatic Reload

OpTic Nation

FaZe Red




FaZe Black

Strictly Business

Team Orbit



Needless to say, I am very excited to see my Aussie team still in the mix, Mindfreak. I’ll be cheering you on tomorrow boys!


Results from Friday, March 27th (teams in bold have advanced)

  • OpTic Gaming vs. Vitality X
  • Aware Gaming vs. Infused
  • NxG Rapid vs. Team Orbit
  • Revenge vs. 3sUp
  • TCM Gaming vs. Ascentia
  • FaZe Red vs. fabE Germany
  • FaZe Black vs. DA.Below Zero
  • Denial eSports vs. Klar1ty Gaming
  • fabE Allstars vs. Automatic Reload
  • HyperGames vs. Prophecy
  • Revenge vs. Aware Gaming
  • Vitality X vs. Team Orbit
  • Team EnVyUs vs. Team Menace
  • Infused vs. 3sUp
  • OpTic Gaming vs. NxG Rapid
  • FaZe Black vs. TCM Gaming
  • FaZe Red vs. Automatic Reload
  • uX Gaming vs. Mindfreak
  • fabE Germany vs. fabE Allstars
  • Ascentia vs. DA.Below Zero
  • Denial eSports vs. Prophecy
  • Epsilon vs. Strictly Business
  • Gamers2 vs. Exile5.T1
  • OpTic Nation vs. SSOF Gaming
  • HyperGames vs. Klar1ty Gaming
  • OpTic Gaming vs. Team Orbit
  • Aware Gaming vs. 3sUp
  • Team Kaliber vs. Integral
  • Revenge vs. Infused
  • NxG Rapid vs. Vitality X
  • Team EnVyUs vs. Mindfreak
  • OpTic Nation vs. Gamers2
  • Team Menace vs. uX Gaming
  • FaZe Black vs. Ascentia
  • SSOF Gaming vs. Exile5.T1
  • Team Kaliber vs. Epsilon
  • TCM Gaming vs. DA.Below Zero
  • Integral vs. Strictly Business
  • fabE Germany vs. Automatic Reload
  • FaZe Red vs. fabE Allstars
  • OpTic Nation vs. Exile5.T1
  • Team Menace vs. Mindfreak
  • Klar1ty Gaming vs. Prophecy
  • Team EnVyUs vs. uX Gaming
  • Denial eSports vs. HyperGames
  • Team Kaliber vs. Strictly Business
  • Epsilon vs. Integral
  • Gamers2 vs. SSOF Gaming

To watch the action live go to: MLG TV



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