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PS4 2.50 Update Filled with Errors and Corruptions

Since the new PS4 2.50 Firmware went live users have been plagued with errors and game save corruptions.

Ranging from the PS4 third party headsets and Sony’s Pulse remote not working to even the console not turning on after the update had been downloaded. Also when the 60 FPS setting is used on share play  or remote play now stops gameplay recording.


Yet the worst of all the updates crimes has to be it’s corruption to Bloodborne saves. Bloodborne players were forced to redownload the day one patch for the game which has since corrupted many of the users game saves, forcing them to start the game all over again.

Just recently we’ve learned of a way to bypass this issue simply start up Bloodborne and start a “new game”. Once you’re in control of your character, go back out to the main menu and you should be able to choose “load game” and reload your original save file.

Hopefully Sony will have a new patch out within the next few days to fix these bugs and issues.

Source: Gamerranx



1 Comment on PS4 2.50 Update Filled with Errors and Corruptions

  1. Strange. I haven’t experienced any issues with this update.


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