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Game Deals: Battlefield Hardline for $40, Assassin’s Creed Unity for $20 and Free PS4 Stuff with Console Purchase!

Scouring the inter-webs we have uncovered some pretty sweet deals for gamers to snag the games that they love. While these are current deals, they are time and stock sensitive and can change at any point. These deals are also only confirmed for North America. We will do our best to keep it updates as they change. 

Battlefield Hardline for $20 off

This week* you can find Battlefield Hardline at $39.99 for the standard edition and $49.99 for the Deluxe edition at both Best Buy and Amazon. Luckily, Amazon will allow you to snag the digital versions of the game if you prefer a less-physical version of the game.

*It looks like Best Buy will do this deal all week long but not confirmed just yet.


Best Buy

Assassin’s Creed Unity

AC Unity

While Assassin’s Creed games are no stranger to massive price cuts, this is the lowest the game has been since release. It’s also key to note that the game also comes with the free DLC for Dead Kings from back at launch and all the game issues that Unity had.

Best Buy

This deal is also found at Wal-Mart for the Xbox One, but not the PS4.

Watch Dogs

While this game might be found at Best Buy on sale for $29.99, you can pick it up over at Wal-Mart for $24.95 for the PlayStation 4. Ironically the Xbox One version is $31.99, so you would want to stick to Best Buys price for the game.


Target’s Easter Buy One Get One 50% Off

Target is pretty synonymous with the BOGO deals and this week for Easter they have included over 100 different titles (pretty much all games). Games that are on sale are also included. It also includes recent games such as Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Battlefield Hardline and Monster Hunter 4. NFC figurines receive 25% off.


PlayStation 4 and free stuff!

This week you have two options of additional peripherals.

Amazon has one of the sweetest deals this weekend with offering Bloodbourne and a $20 gift card to Amazon with the purchase of The Last of Us Bundle for $399.99.

Amazon [Offer is no longer valid]

Best Buy is offering the PScamera with the purchase of a PlayStation 4, including The Last of Us console bundle.

Best Buy

Toys R Us however is offering a similar package only with a free controller to coincide with the purchase of a console.

Toys R Us Controller

Toys R Us


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