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Details of Smite’s latest patch to the Xbox One Alpha

Smites latest update to the Alpha looks to improve the game.

Some of the community’s complaints of the game are finally being addressed with the latest patch. There is a lot to overhaul, so much that even I found the 5.6 GB update quite large.

There were a lot of changes in the latest update so I wanted to share some of the biggest changes to the game.

One of the first changes to the game is the addition of a new menu layout, including player profiles. There you can see a breakdown of the games you’ve played and a recap of up to the last 10 games you’ve played in versus mode.Scylla

There has been additional for a support for the Twitch app to make it easier for players to stream their game without massive hang-ups. On a side note, I’m not big on watching other gamers play, but Smite definitely makes a hard argument for a fun competitive watch.

A new goddess, Bellona, joins the game. This is an easy rated warrior goddess from Roman mythology. New skins are being ported over; if you haven’t seen the Beetlejuice inspired skin for Scylla yet, go check it out! And this update brings a new god rotation that includes: Isis, Sun Wukong, Sobek, Anhur and Fenrir.

Assault makes it’s way to the playlists for both co-op and versus modes.

One change that seems a bit weird is the changes to the controller schematics. The way you train your abilities has now been removed from LB to being the left stick press. It took a while to adjust and I am still determining if I like this subtle, yet massive change.

There are also lots of changes to items, gods and abilities. Be sure to check the full listing to see if your favorite gods or items are affected as well as all of the other adjustments to the game.

Source: Hi-Rez Studios

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