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Call of Duty: Black Ops III Details Leaked?

So as per usual here has been a flood of information and lists appearing claiming to have details on what the next call of duty will be called and the features that we can expect.

Whilst Treyarch are understandably refusing to comment on any of it as details aren’t due to be divulged until next month, there has been a common theme that the next instalment will be even bolder in evolving the game and taking on this new culture within the franchise of a futuristic feel.

This video tells you all:

TmarTn has posted a video with a list of rumors he has pulled together on different features that have apparently been leaked. A lot of it sounds very unrealistic to me, especially given that the next release is coming from Treyarch.

This list includes:

  • Current-gen only
  • Campaign looks gorgeous, better than Advanced Warfare
  • Campaign to be open-world but still linear
  • Jetpacks and or Exos
  • Switch to different characters in singleplayer like in GTA V
  • Exo-suits will have a wall running ability
  • Zombies to have stand alone map packs
  • Custom map editor for private lobbies only and the ability to share
  • Pick 13 returning but no upgradable score-streaks
  • Dynamic weather and elements on all maps
  • Raid and Nuketown wil have remakes
  • Maps are larger than Advanced Warfare
  • 16 v 16 and 32 v 32 modes

Now out of all of that the only things that I personally know to be pretty much spot on is that it will be called Black Ops 3, we can yet again expect there to be a futuristic focus and that we will see even more evolution within the core mechanics of the game.

So what do you think? Is Tmartn’s list just complete bull crap, or are there elements in there that you think could be possible and that you would in fact like to see added to the game?


3 Comments on Call of Duty: Black Ops III Details Leaked?

  1. Josiah Duff // April 4, 2015 at 2:39 PM // Reply

    No more exo suits!


  2. Sounds too much like GTA V to me.. OpenWorld but still linear? Switch Characters? Guys I know it would be cool but don’t you think Treyarch is gonna be as original as always and amaze us with a new style?


  3. I hope its current gen only, but I doubt it.. Also, the 16 v 16 & 32 v 32 sounds awesome, but again I doubt it.. If it has exo’s or “boost jumps”, then I wont buy it.


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