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Why has Nintendo completely put out their own potential free marketing?

This is just only a small portion of issues that have been brewing from Nintendo, let's not even get started on the whole Amiibo shortage.

Nintendo has not been YouTubers favorite company to share gameplay footage with. Often times these content creators are finding themselves on the opposite end of copyright infringement and losing potential monetary gain for use of simple game-play footage. Angry Joe, of YouTube, recently tweeted is displeasure of Nintendo’s antics and relayed to his following that he will no longer be doing anything with Nintendo products.

Just a few months ago, Nintendo did reveal a new YouTube plan to allow content creators to utilize some footage with their approval. While this seemed finally good for potential creators, it also came with some pretty strict guidelines. Some folks are also allowed to use footage without approval but still strict guidelines are put into place. This also doesn’t include the fact that Nintendo takes a cut of earning by these videos.

Currently as it stands games have a list of games that they can use in their content creation that range from games on the Wii U with Super Mario Land 3D to Mario Kart 8, the 3DS offers games such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and Tomadachi Life, to older titles on older systems.

Nintendo has maintained a strong concern against giving away a games story as to spoil the game or lose potential customers who might not purchase the game after watching it. While this might be an argument to be made it’s not hard to notice some popular games missing from this list such as Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS as well as recently released Mario Party 10. Both of these games are absent strong narrative stories and focus more on competitive play, much like Mario Kart 8.

Why hasn’t Nintendo updated their list to allow these potential games? It is clear to see that Nintendo undervalues the power that YouTube can have if they have the right hit. YouTube is not just a place for people to watch videos to pass the time, it is also a place for free marketing that rewards content creators without costing the company a dime. Yes, there is potential that videos can do harm if negative light is shed, but unfortunately for Nintendo, copyright laws protect against these such reviews from being censored.

Still we can only wait in hopes that Nintendo wakes up and realizes what their policies actually do is hurt the company’s image. It’s not like Nintendo has a habit of putting out terrible, broken games, so Nintendo… Lighten up, get with the times and take advantage of the potential free marketing you could be getting. Stopping your apostles before they can spread the good word is only going to make them turn elsewhere for an experience that they could be praising you for instead!

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  1. Great write up Dizzy.


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