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UPDATED: Call of Duty 2015 details are being revealed

If this is your first look in at all the updates that have been released in the past 24 hours we recommend you start from the bottom and work your way up.

UPDATE 4: “Imagine somewhere calm, imagine somewhere safe, imagine yourself in a frozen forest.”

1 2 3 4 5


UPDATE 3: A third set of images are now available. It turns out that the voice in the previous snap chats is one Dr. Salim.

Look closely….

dr 1 dr 2

UPDATE 2: The second snapchat has now been sent out. “Let your thoughts drift. Let the bad memories fade. Let peace be upon you.”

u21 u22 u23 u24Black Hawk to hint Black Ops?? Let us know your thoughts so far on where all of this is going.


UPDATE: The first snapchat has been sent out. It’s a 10 second teaser that simply says  “listen only to the sound of my voice”.

The images from the audio are below. Nothing to exciting, someone blinking, then a forest scene which cuts out to a lone tree in the snow. If you were REALLY quick though, just as the video cuts out to the lone tree there is a split second of interference.

The pics I took are as clear as I could possibly capture them, but am I the only one that see’s ‘See 3’ in that image? Is this a hint at the name for the next CoD being Black Ops 3?

blops 1 blops 2 blops 3 blops5 blops6

David Vonderhaar has also just tweeted this clip out, which everyone is noting that there are 3 lights above the stage and three people in the background. This is being deemed again, as another indication that we have Black Ops 3 on the way.

If you haven’t really done so, scan the QR code into your snapchat so you too can receive these updates hot off the press.

Stayed tuned for more updates….


This morning an update was deployed to Black Ops II. It was only a small update that usually would have gone past without anyone even being curious as to what the update was for. Expect for YouTube personality Drift0r.

Upon venturing around some of the maps he stumbled across these two images:

 b ops 2

b ops 1

The ‘ghost’ like icon, if you are not familiar with it, is the symbol for an applications called snapchat.

It’s placed over the top of a QR code which you scan into the application.

b ops 3

So I am guessing that sometime over the coming days, those of us that have scanned that code into our snapchat application will receive a message, or image of some description from Call of Duty with another teaser for this year’s release, Black Ops III?

In other related news, today you can also find a listing on amazon for a Call of Duty: Black Ops Combo Pack.


The above image was sent into us by YouTuber Iron Wolf. There has been a rumor going around that this was on the way but until now this has been the first sign of any actual proof that it may exist.

As further details emerge to either confirm or deny the legitimacy of this listing I will be sure to update you further.


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