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Update 4: Another Day of CoD 2015 teasing has begun

UPDATE 4: We seem to now be staying in the snowy mountain range for the moment.

Death, birds eating blood, explosions, this is not looking good for those that were involved……….


UPDATE 3: Here are the latest images in the ever growing mystery………

6 7 8


UPDATE 2: The first snapchat for the day is out. Lots of imagines from yesterdays snaps mixed together. I will frame by frame the snap and see if there is anything new hidden in there for you.

1 2 34

UPDATE 1: CharlieINTEL advises us that: It seems like Treyarch has also updated Black Ops 2 MP with removing certain letters/numbers from certain weapons and more: the “B” from Ballista, the “1” from the +100 score, “4” in the AN-94, “L”, and “7” from the MP7. List of missing characters: B, L, 1, 4, 7











This morning the daily message on Black Ops II has been updated.

A rather simple message reading: And so it begins…

The above image is the lone tree from yesterday’s first snapchat but with a very important difference.

If you play around with the image a bit you are able to see this:










A Twitter user has been able to re-create the image in the background to give you a clearer picture of what the image actually is:

So, what do you think? another clear indicator pushing us towards Black Ops III?

I will keep you updated throughout the day so be sure to check back in.



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