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Destiny reveals House of Wolves, implements patch 1.1.2

Destiny is looking to get a whole lot better.

Earlier this week, Bungie and Activision decided to finally drop the teaser trailer for House of Wolves, including a release date. Along with this great info came a little bit of heart break in discovering that the DLC would be launching void of a new Raid.

With this sort of news, we should ask, what is going on with Destiny?

For starters, the release date for House of Wolves will be May 19th.  Roughly just a month a way there are numerous objectives that Bungie wants to tackle in the game to have it ready for House of Wolves.

With the latest updated, 1.1.2, guardians will find that several changes have taken place for the better. With House of Wolves coming out soon, it means more loot; more loot requires more space. Your banks now consist of 24 Armor slots, 36 Weapon slots and 24 General Item slots. Item lock abilities have also been place upon items to help prevent players from dismantling the wrong gear.

Tinkering with weapons really didn’t take a big change, aside from fixing bugs with ammo, a few poison spec changes to Thorn and Ice Breakers having its ammo dump scaled back after respawn.

Probably the neatest aesthetic feature however comes with the ability for players to choose to wear or not wear helmets in the Tower.

There is of course many more changes that have taken place with this update and can all be found over at Bungie.

With House of Wolves, you will not be receiving a raid, but you will be receiving The Prison of Elders. Through internet rumors, this prison is featured in a new game mode that is described as an arena in nature; to the rest of us, horde mode. While Bungie has yet to clarify everything that is within the arena, they have stated that it will test your skills with vast replayability.

More details will be coming over the next few weeks in regards to what will be in the content of House of Wolves. Bungie has listed in their calendar of events what will take place and when.

April 22nd: Guardians will get their first glimpse of The Reef, a new player hub that players can meet up at in a non-hostile manner. This was rumored months ago and seemingly turning out to be legit.

April 29th: Temple of Osiris, which is rumored to be a new PvP game mode.

May 6th: Prison of Elders, the new three-player cooperative Arena.

Bungie also lists May 8th as a stay tuned to find out, which is good because it should only equal more content, right?

The upcoming weeks look to be a major busy time not only for Activision who also will be revealing the upcoming Call of Duty installment by Treyarch on April 26th  but also EA who will be revealing the highly anticipated Battlefronts game that is scheduled to be revealed on April 17th at the Annual Star Wars Celebration.

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