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Game sharing on the Xbox One – you may be about to lose your shared games!

Over the past few months many gamers have found themselves in a position where game sharing has all of a sudden ceased working. You are instead directed to the game store to buy the game instead of the game launching.

This is because the game sharing function is being used in a way that it was never intended to be. Below I have listed out the details regarding game sharing which you can find on the Official Xbox Support Website..

Game sharing is primarily to be used in the home, with family and friends. Not to share games with a friend that is in a different home on a completely different profile.


Using Xbox Live Gold sharing features on Xbox One:

Here’s how Xbox Live Gold members can extend their Gold membership benefits to multiplayer gaming, Game DVR, and Smart Match.

  • At home: Set up your Xbox One console at home so that anyone who uses it can enjoy multiplayer gaming, even if you’re not home or signed in to the console.
  • On the go: Sign in at a friend’s house, where everyone can enjoy multiplayer gaming while you’re signed in.


At home with Xbox One

As an Xbox Live Gold member, you can share the benefits of Xbox Live Gold with others while they’re using your Xbox One console in your home. Friends and family can simply create their own account and gamertag on the console, which gives them the ability to enjoy Xbox Live online multiplayer gaming.

Friends or family members with their own gamertags coming over to play? No problem. They can sign in and play online multiplayer games, even if you sign off.

At a friend’s house with Xbox One

When you go to a friend’s house, you’ll be able to play multiplayer games on their Xbox One console, even if your friend is not a Gold subscriber. Once you sign in with your Xbox Live Gold account, everyone using that console can access multiplayer games for as long as you’re signed in.

What Home Gold means for the Xbox One experience

With Xbox One, everyone in your home has a personalized account to enable powerful and personal experiences. That’s one of the reasons we created Home Gold. It means that your account and your gamertag are truly yours. You don’t have to share your gamertag for multiplayer gaming with others in your home, or have recommendations for your children appear next to recommendations for the adults in the family. It also means you can introduce new games to and enjoy multiplayer games with visiting friends. When you buy one Xbox Live Gold membership, multiple people can enjoy the best benefits of Xbox Live Gold on your Xbox One at no additional charge.


So there you have it. If your game sharing has stopped working you now understand why. You can still utilize this feature but only in the ways listed above. Every day I am seeing more and more reports on social media of people experiencing this problem. Are you one of them? Let’s us know in the comments.

Now do keep in mind that you won’t lose the ability to play games that you have purchased, just those that you are accessing through the other profile. All licences that you bought on your profile will obviously remain yours.

Oh, and before you start complaining about why is Microsoft changing this, why are they taking this away? They are not. This feature has not changed. It has been the same since day one. You have just been using it incorrectly.

Happy Gaming.


11 Comments on Game sharing on the Xbox One – you may be about to lose your shared games!

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  2. I freaking bought the whole xbox 1, because of the sharing system! Why the hell do the people on Xbox say that sharing is aloud, they just don’t recommend it? Its aloud, so how can you take it off? You can’t let this sharing thing go on knowingly, then only make changes a few years into releasing xbox 1! you cant just change it! I freaking regret getting xbox 1 since the day I bought it, i can never sign into my account until i restart 20 times, all of the B.S errors keep happening, and now this. Why couldn’t i have just bought the Ps4?


  3. my ROOMMATE and I, IN THE SAME HOME use this feature a lot for money saving purposes also. one of us buys a game and we both enjoy it the other of us buys the next game. I don’t see how that’s an improper use of it it seems very practical actually for us to have been able to do it. this is no doubt just shitty money grab from microsoft.


  4. Well Damm that sucks cause me and my bro use this feature to save money on games. We live in the same house he buys a game I buy a game. Reason why we have both bought xbox one.


  5. angryxboxconsumer // September 26, 2015 at 4:26 PM // Reply

    Wtf ???”Oh, and before you start complaining about why is Microsoft changing this, why are they taking this away? They are not. This feature has not changed. It has been the same since day one. You have just been using it incorrectly.”
    Who the hell are you or xbox to tell me that the way I use the piece of equipment I BOUGHT is wrong. This is just another shady xbox business practice. People starting buying digital copies just for this reason, sacrificing the resale value of our games so we can try games with friends. XBOX IS JUST GREEDY IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY DON’T KID YOURSELF. They give f all about our customer experience as long as they’re making coin. This system has the cheapest microphones I ever used in my life, they constantly break, AND THEY’RE THE MOST EXPENSIVE STOCK HEADPHONES OF ANY CONSOLE EVER.
    It’s so contradictory to write an article about how come things have changed with game sharing and then end the article by saying they haven’t changed…. do you even proof read this garbage?? I hope so cause they must be paying you!
    Then you have some lame ass catch all excuse by saying “it’s not how we intended…” we’ll gosh I’m sorry maybe you shouldve tested your product more before rushing to release it. You DEFINITELY should of done it before customers started using their equipment AS WE SEE FIT AND SPENDING MONEY ON USELESS DIGITAL GAMES.
    You see xbox tried their greedy tactic before the one was released saying all games would be “digital only” and got such a backlash they had to back down. So as a sneaky way to up your digital sales you conveniently left game sharing AS IT ALWAYS WAS until you felt you wanted more money, screwing all the loyal xbox customers out of their resale value of games.
    This cannot be legal, and if you point to the confusing ass legal disclaimer just know that bullshit no longer Flys in a court of law when applied to the “Average consumer” who isn’t expected to peal through pages of that b.s. Seriously fuck xbox and whoever wrote this article, I’ve been a fan since the original. Ps3 was better so I bought that along with a 360. I bought the xbox 1 before the ps4 and haven’t regretted such a waste of money since. Goodbye xbox you’ve just lost another longtime customer for your next gen launch. Go screw yourselves.


  6. lobothesequel // April 16, 2015 at 2:53 PM // Reply

    You say many people are unable to access shared games and the reason is because they are using the sharing feature wrong. From the lack of information in the article I’m left to assume Microsoft has seen fit to deny these people access to their shared games, so why would Microsoft single these people out rather than fix the issue globally?
    How can Microsoft determine that the console I have set as my home console is not the console that’s in my house? Maybe I have more than one home, maybe i have a console at work.
    I don’t think they can fix this without completely removing the sharing feature.
    The console has been available nearly 18 months and people have been game sharing since day 1 am i to believe Microsoft didn’t know about this, that they’ve suddenly become aware people are cheating the system? No I think maybe something else is going on but what have I to go on? Only assumptions since your article tells me nothing. Your misleading headline bought me here and I left with nothing but questions.


    • Microsoft are not ‘taking it away’ from people as I advised in the article. If I knew how these instances are being identified I would have advised such. My understanding is that it has to do with your IP address and that if you profile is signed in on and IP that is the home console and another IP that is not the home console the sharing will not work. The title is not misleading it is fact. Many people are experiencing a loss of the ability to access shared games outside of the way the sharing was intended. Just because you are able to continue abusing this feature does not make the information incorrect.


    • wow your an idiot arnt you kid?basicly people were being dishonest,friends were sharing games in a way not stop your microsoft bashing,just because you cant read,and are more than likely a muppet.


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