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Nintendo upgrading Gold Club to Platinum?

Hurry, hurry, hurry! Claim your rewards before April 30th!

UPDATE 2: I should have included this with it. After logging in and being upgraded all of my coins have since been reduced to 0. From what I am hearing those who have already redeemed a reward as a Gold member have not received this sort of email. I was 10 points short myself, another person was roughly 120 short and was upgraded. If you haven’t received an email maybe it’s still coming.

Pure Platinum

UPDATE: To clarify, those who are in the Gold Tier only have select options from the rewards list. Platinum Tier gets a few extra’s. Looks like my options are out the window!

(Original article below)

If you were signed up for the Club Nintendo and achieved gold status, go check your emails!

Some gamers have been receiving emails confirming them under Platinum status, even after no purchases have been made recently. I myself received one of these emails, yet my last purchase was Mario Party 10, which is not eligible for coins via Club Nintendo, since it is going away.


Platinum Members are being treated to a free game so as long as they redeem it before April 30th. There are quite a few options for gamers to choose from for both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. I’ve yet to choose one, but I’m definitely torn between Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, NES Remix 2, and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Rewards 1 Rewards 2 Rewards 3

Nintendo has yet to announce what is officially replacing Club Nintendo, but have stated that the details should be coming soon.


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