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Xbox One Preview Program Update Error – factory reset

Are you a member of the Xbox One Preview Program? Then chances are you received a prompt to update your console earlier this week.

Some people who have accepted this update met a very unfortunate result however. This is in the form of a factory reset meaning all those games that took hours upon hours to download were removed.

Initial advice from Xbox was to decline the update for the time being until they could clear the issue. This has now been done and resolved.

For those of you waiting to accept your update and go back online you can now feel free to do so.

For those of you that were unlucky enough to suffer a factory reset you will now be prompted to do a second update which will restore your status in the preview program.

Official Xbox Updates:

‘We’re hearing reports some users have received a prompt for an update, and upon taking the update, their consoles have been factory reset. We are investigating this issue right now, and hope to have an update for you soon. 

In the meantime, if you receive a prompt to update today, please DECLINE the update and go offline until we can clear the issue. 

8:55PM PT Edit: Users who took this update that resulted in a factory reset will be prompted for one more update. This update is safe, and will restore your status in the Preview program. 

Thanks for your patience!’

‘Final update – the issue has been resolved, and the affected consoles will take an update to get back on the 1505 Preview wave. A few notes:

  • Only a small number of consoles were affected. 
  • The issue was traced to a glitch in our console processing
  • All consoles affected will immediately take an update that will bring them current to the May Preview wave (this one is safe!) 
  • Preview points and level will be as it was after the update. 

Apologies for the inconvenience caused, and thank you for your patience!’


This is why we have a Preview Program, so that errors like this can be identified before they reach the wider community. So to those of you that have had this issue I say thank you to you for identifying it so that many, many others don’t have to go through the same drama.

Want to know how you can avoid loosing games in an event like this? Check this out:


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