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Destiny will get major changes with House of Wolves, for the better!

These are not just the changes that Destiny needs, but the one that the Guardians deserve.

The long awaited House of Wolves content is finally on it’s short stretch to guardians everywhere. Today on Twitch several Bungie employees took the opportunity to share with us what new content we could expect in the upcoming DLC.

Without sugar coating it the Reef is essentially what we thought it would be. A new place for guardians to hangout, pick up quests and buy new items as needed.This new hub will be available to all guardians, even if you do not purchase the House of Wolves DLC. Not only that but all players will now be able to attain up to level 34 without the DLC as well.

As always there is new gear among all of the vendors. Not only will vendors have new gear, but guardians now be able to exchange materials for different materials through the Speaker at the Tower. There will also be a new material called etheric shards needed in order to upgrade old equipment to Light 34 equivalent status.

One thing that I was discussing with a friend who is an avid Destiny player was the possibility of Bungie allowing old gear to keep up with new gear. Nothing is worse than needing to get completely new gear all because the stats are not up to date. Luckily for me, this was announced not even but minutes later.

Guardians will now be able to [almost] completely customize their House of Wolves weapons. By heading to the weapon smith at the tower, and with the right materials, players will be able to have favorite weapons reforged with completely new stats. While guardians cannot completely choose what exact new stats and affects, the reforged weapon will be able to retain some of the awesome looking legendary weapons with new stats. Again, reforging is currently only available for House of Wolves content weapons.

Trading is still not an option, however, Bungie did clarify a bit more about why trading is not in the game. Essentially they stated that items would mean more to players if they earned them rather than trading. Players are still avid about this being a part of the game and while Bungie has not said they have planned trading, they also have not completely ruled it out.

A lot of details of the upcoming DLC for House of Wolves will still be rolling out over the next few weeks until it’s officially released. Next week guardians will get to officially see the new player versus player mode, Trials of Osiris.  On May 6th, guardians will get their first glance at a completely new game mode with Prison of Elders, which should hopefully compliment the game well with the lack of a new Raid at the launch.

House of Wolves will release to the public on May 19th.

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