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Are we taking all the fun out of gaming?

There used to be a time, a long, long time ago, when gaming was about playing games, meeting new people and having fun. We seem to have forgotten that and instead are now focused on only specs and what someone else has that we don’t.

The gaming community is becoming toxic due to the console wars and gamers picking apart everything that the leading companies do. There is no such thing as a proper reveal these days due to this. Someone, somehow always finds a way to ruin these reveals by leaking information.

At what point did we as gamers become so self-entitled? Do you want to know who is running gaming? YOU.

Those of you that demand deliverables and answers from Microsoft and Sony, those who incite the console wars, those of you that on a daily basis spread hate on social media because you seemingly lack the ability to communicate with another human being in a respectful manner.


Aren’t you tired of it? Don’t you wish you could just log on to play and discuss games instead of having to defend your console choice?

Harassing developers, creating a divide in the community, all for what? To create a name for yourselves in a limited bubble on social media?

Enough is enough, be worried about what is in your own backyard and not your neighbours, get off social media for at least 5 minutes and actually play some games.

I’d like to see you all get back to actually enjoying games again instead of this new ‘game’ everyone seems to be addicted to which is the console wars.


Stop arguing, stop hating, stop taking advantage of the community and start gaming. You will be amazed how much more fun you will have hanging out with your mates rather than arguing with a stranger on social media.

Give it go, you might just be surprised.


Oh yeah, and on a side note, if you don’t like what I have just had to say don’t reply with some hateful comment trying to put me back in my place because you will only be proving my point!

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3 Comments on Are we taking all the fun out of gaming?

  1. this artical is not worth reading the console wars are supposed to benefit gamers making company compete for our money making better games etc the self entitlement you talk about is based on 2 things the amount of money we gamers spend on these games from £30 now at £50 $60 usa not including the DLC so yes we have a high standard of expectations we don’t harass these company’s because we want to its simply because we care enough to complain why its broken or how good it is etc without social media th games company’s can not hype there games up getting people talking of course this is a double edge sword people wont buy if its shit perfect example being order1886 6 hours long for full price hell no im sorry but i will not bury my head in the sand and hand over my money day 1 like a fool for rubbish Destiny being 1 i fell for like others we are fed up by being fed rubbish from corporate company’s who get abck handers to rate games ‪#‎IGN‬ every COD 9.5 out of 10 ‪#‎wevotewithourwallet‬ ‪#‎wehaveallthepower‬

    are you a COD GEN ? you played it got called a bitch slut etc by a 7 year old as someone with 50 to 100 clan members here’s a bit of advice treat people with respect you will not like everyone you meet mute those who are assholes ‪#‎Happygaming2015‬

    ‪#‎THESDA100‬ ‪#‎ABN2092015


  2. Excellent piece, even more so die to the fact that i was thinking the very same thing recently. Surely as gamers we should get back to the core concept of gaming, having fun.


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