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All the details about Destiny’s Trials of Osiris and more

Details about the Trials of Osiris have been revealed and boy does it look fun!

Today, Bungie unveiled details about Trials of Osiris, a new player versus player portion to The House of Wolves DLC.

Trials of Osiris will feature heavy teamwork to get through the quick rounds that last up to 2 minutes tops. This 3-on-3 game-mode is similar to Skirmish except that you cannot auto-revive within the rounds of the game. This will be an event that takes place on the weekend with a single featured map. Bungie reasons that less of a variable in maps will allow for the players to have better strategies in order to change the teams fortunes.

When each Trials of Osiris event starts players will receive one free scorecard per week. The Trials’ scorecard will give you a chance at winning multiple tiers of rewards; the only catch is that three losses will have you restart the scorecard all over. Each card will have a max of nine Passage Tokens to win and three Passage Tokens to lose. If you lose three games on a scorecard, guardians will have to return to Brother Vance to purchase a new card.

Bungie also wants to favor latency over competitive equality. Favoring a higher latency can help prevent players discrepancy over whether a kill was due to lag or not. At the same token, better latency doesn’t always equal a fair, competitive opponent.

Just like all the other game modes, players will have a chance to win goodies at the end of the match as well as earn gear through the vendors with every win on your pass as they come.

Other Key Notes:

  • Trials of Osiris is like the Iron Banner, so bring your best gear.
  • Each match features up to nine games, or first to win five rounds. Each round is set to two minutes then overtime which features sudden death and a control point to capture.
  • Trials of Osiris takes place from 12 PM Pacific on Friday till weekly reset, Tuesday at 2AM
  • You can earn maxed out level 34 Light Gear only by winning.
  • The Dark Below Multiplayer maps will be included to the crucible for all guardians regardless of purchase

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Be sure to tune in next week for the update to The Prison of Elders reveal.

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