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Black Ops 3 CONFIRMED Campaign Details

Having a hard time working out what is rumor and what is confirmed for the campaign in Black Ops 3 so far? Here is a breakdown of all the confirmed information that I have brought you over the past week.

So starting with the blatantly obvious fact, yes there will be a campaign. The difference this time though is that you will be able to play either solo or with up to 3 other people in the and you are not stuck with the typical male character as your protagonist. This time, you can choose if you want to play through the campaign as a male or female. Plus you will have the ability to fully customize your soldier and living quarters. The ‘Safehouse’ is where you will return after every mission where you can also take time to check out the medals you earned and customize and upgrade your weapons via the gun rack.


Your journey will start off in Singapore in the year 2060 where you head off to establish why a CIA site has gone dark.

From there the focus shifts to information that has been leaked by ‘Taylor’ regarding military information that is used to target various countries around the globe. Due to a new technology created by world leaders called Directed Energy Air Defense (D.E.A.D) all air defense systems have been taken down so you are sent back to the flat top to fight on.

You will be harnessing a new technology call Direct Neutral Interface (DNI) which gives you control over your own physiology so you can integrate with technology. This allows you to utilize CyberCores which is where things start to get really cool. Every felt like just setting things on fire? Immolation will let you do just that. How about taking control of enemy technology? Remote Hijack at your service.

For the time being that is all the information I have about the campaign pulled together for you from my various other articles.

As more information is revealed about the campaign I will continue to update this for you.


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