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ESPN’s Colin Cowherd could not be more insulting to eSports and gamers everywhere

Colin Cowherd owes an apology to video gamers everywhere.

The title says it all, ESPN's Colin Cowherd could not have been more insulting to eSports; nor could have he made any fans for himself out of gamers in general. Over the weekend ESPN2 needed to fill some space as the NBA Playoffs have been handled through other stations such as TNT and the NHL playoffs have primarily been handled through NBC.

Likely done with photo-shop touches, mind you.

EDITORS NOTE: Before I continue, I want to state that I am not advocating that ESPN needs to show eSports whatsoever. I believe there is a viewership for eSports, but it does not necessarily mean ESPN has to be that broadcaster.

Throughout his rant Colin referred to video gamers as nerds via use of Revenge of the Nerds clips, referenced video gamers as basement dwellers of mom’s basement and even attempted to use Harry Potter as a pun. Yes, that’s right, Harry Potter, the franchise that launched 7 books, 7 movies, fans everywhere and even garnered it’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park.

Cowherd, who couldn’t even pronounce Blizzard properly, made it clear that if ESPN ever forced him to cover eSports or do play-by-play he would quit. News for you Mr. Cowherd, I don’t think eSports watchers would care to hear your insulting coverage of what they love either. Sadly, you could not even get the name of the gaming company right, which is an actual weather term not just a video game developer name. You also failed to list the proper game being played, which was Heroes of the Storm, not League of Legends.

He continued his rant by suggesting that someone should lock the basement door and don’t let them out. His rant adds insult to injury as the Heroes of the Dorm tournament was being played by college eSports players who were trying to win tuition coverage to college. I suppose going to college and getting a degree is a nerd thing too, Mr. Cowherd?

The utmost insulting moment, however, was when Colin Cowherd equated listening to eSports coverage to him putting a gun in his mouth. Fantastic ESPN, you now have the biggest asshole working on your network who also thinks that suicide is true comedy. Phyllis may have called you Cowterd, but I’m sorry, Colin Coward is more like it.

We get it, he does not like eSports, and that is fair. I personally find baseball eye-gougingly boring, but I am well aware that millions of others love the sport. The last thing I will do, however, is find all the insults that I can about a sport that millions of others love. Despite it’s continuous lowering attendances, despite it’s ‘juicing’ epidemic and despite my belief about the physical shape required to play the game.

This isn’t criticism, it’s blatant insulting the highest degree.

For a network that is the ‘world-wide leader in sports,’ who covered this to fill in gap when there weren’t enough poker tournaments or pool tournaments going on, to not immediately issue a statement of apology, this truly is a sad time for media coverage. I might also suggest that someone run the numbers by Mr. Cowherd about how much the video game industry makes in a year compared to the next largest form of entertainment, Hollywood included. I’d also argue that Cowherd must not be aware of whom his parent company is, Disney, who also owns Marvel and Star Wars. I would really hate to see his thoughts on those franchises as well.

For me, eSports is just what it is. It is there to serve a fanbase because there are individuals out there who happen to enjoy it. Playing video games does feature many of the same attributes that other athletes possess; even if not the same level of physical, reaction and mental attributes are very much in line with one another. To suggest that eSports should not be covered by ESPN is by each individuals own opinion but primarily for the network itself. Given the way that modern day technology has moved there are a number of different ways that this could be covered, as it it already.

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2 Comments on ESPN’s Colin Cowherd could not be more insulting to eSports and gamers everywhere

  1. unaligned // May 3, 2015 at 8:38 PM // Reply

    eSports are not sports. Done.


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