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Another Star Wars Game In The Works?

Could there be another Star Wars game in the works but less first person shooter and more RPG?

David Gaider a senior writer over at BioWare had a big part to play in the writing of last years stunning Dragon Age: Inquisition and recently sent out a tweet.

dgYou might remember BioWare’s Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic or even their huge MMO Star Wars : The Old Republic, maybe we could soon be seeing another great Star Wars RPG. Especially since we know we are getting a trilogy of movies and EA and DICE’s Battlefront game, the Star Wars fan base is a hungry gold mine right now and BioWare would be crazy not to tap that vein.


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1 Comment on Another Star Wars Game In The Works?

  1. Well Conor, I do remember seeing rumors on the Internet last year that both BioWare & Visceral were working on unnamed Star Wars related projects. But those were just rumors. Only time will tell.


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