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Everything that we know about Star Wars Battlefront so far…

Dust as settled a bit and given the days we are upon, what better time is there to talk about all the Star Wars Battlefront news that we know of?

Battlefront Design Direct, Niklas Fegraues took to Twitter last month to answer any and all questions [within PR guidelines assuming] that were given to him.

At launch Star Wars Battlefront will feature 4 different planets featuring multiple different maps a piece ranging from small scale to large scale. Accordingly there will be more than 2 maps per planet and the game will launch with more than the rumored 8 maps.

Players will be able to play online or offline with bots, coop online or split-screen and your choice of first or third person perspective. One drawback of split-screen is the lack of ability to play online while doing so.

On the maps players will be able to operate landcraft such as AT-AT & AT-ST’s as well as aircraft Starfighters. There will not however be a feature of space battles which were seen on prior installments.

Fegraues states that DICE feels that the game is both similar and different to the original games and decided to go with Star Wars Battlefront, as a reboot, instead of Battlefronts 3. Old features such as Heroes on the battlefield and power-ups like shields will be returning to the game. DICE has also stated that there will be a progression system with unlocks in a progression system to customize your character. Most of this information is said to be revealed at a later date.

The reveal trailer utilized the infamous Frostbite engine, all in-game produced. This however does not necessarily replicate what will be presented as the actual gameplay, at least as far as we know. For those keeping numbers count, DICE is targeting 60 frames per second on both console ports of the game.

Game Producer Jasper Nielsen stated to a Reddit AMA that nothing in the game has been withheld for DLC. This has been a primary concern for fans as DLC has been lacking to the expectations of gamers in recent years. Battle of Jakku has already been announced as a free download at a later date, once compelte. There currently is no plan to release this as day one DLC.

Stay tuned for more coverage to Star Wars Battlefront as it’s released.

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