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Free new gun anyone? Coming tomorrow in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

You may remember a little while back there was speculation that new weapons that have not been seen before could possibly be introduced to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Well as of tomorrow you are getting the first of these, for free, on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Sledgehammer Games are yet to announce the PlayStation and PC release date.

So what are you getting? The M1 Irons Revolver which is a weapon that was used back in the civil war.

No season pass is needed just simply log in on May 5th and this weapon will be available for you in your create a class menu.

There will be 3 variants to start off with:

Akimbo – this will not cost you a spot in your pick 13


Sundown – extended range. This will take away some of your movement speed but if you are accurate that won’t matter.


Unforgiving Truth – Longer streaks and design changes.

irons 2


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