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The timer has started ticking down to the Halo 5 reveal

Why so cryptic? It’s really becoming a very popular way of delivering teasers this year! Call of Duty Black Ops 3 did a stella job of hiding information within videos last month and Halo 5 is following suit.

Posted on the Xbox UK YouTube is the below video in which is hidden some exciting news for Halo 5.
It would appear that a countdown timer has kicked off for the reveal of more Halo 5 information.
How did you get that from just a short trailer? Well I am glad you asked, let me break it down for you.
The fun begins 7 seconds into the trailer where you see the screen distort and reveal what appears to be random binary code.

binary 1
If you translate that binary code you find out that it is in fact a website address:
If you view this website from a PC you will be informed that this is the ‘Wrong Platform’.

binary 2


So let’s try it from a mobile device. Now we get directed to another site which then displays for you a counter that runs out on 00:01 May 6th – tomorrow!

halo 2
With the next episode of the Hunt the Truth due to be released this Sunday I wonder what they have planned for us tomorrow.


In related news Game have also announced that they will have two exclusive versions of Halo 5: Guardians and these are available to pre-order now.
$120 will get you the Limited Edition
$300 will get you the Limited Collectors Edition



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