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Titanfall 2’s Release Date

It looks like Titanfall won't be here as soon as most people think.

During their investor call today EA said that we shouldn’t expect to see a Titanfall sequel until the company’s 2017 fiscal year.

“You should assume (Titanfall 2) is not in fiscal 16 it’s more likely in fiscal 17” – CFO Blake Jorgensen.

EA has their fiscal year of 2017 running from April 1st 2016 – March 31 2017. So it’s speculated that we might see the sequel coming as a holiday release and going toe to toe against the other big names in FPS gaming.

new titanfall

EA has still to announce any details about the sequel other than that it is in the works, even the name is yet to be decided. This also means we no longer need to keep speculating that the sequel will be announced at this years E3 and focus on other gaming news. If your looking for more Titanfall information why not check out the EXL Podcast below that was hosted by our team’s writer Bella Ryse with Abbie Hype the Community Manager for Respawn and who also voiced Sarah in Titanfall.

Or if your looking for something a little shorter check out Bella’s video response to this news below.


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