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One major player will not be taking the stage at Gamescom 2015

After E3, Gamescom will be the next big convention that the gaming world sets their plans and goodies on display. This year, however, one major player in the gaming world will not be taking the stage.

According to reports, Sony will not be holding a press conference at Gamescom this year. While Sony has yet to confirm whether or not they will be making a presence at the show, which more than likely will be, they will not be taking stage. It was stated that they do plan a bigger presence at Paris Games week that will take place in October.

E3, which typically takes place earlier, will still be a focal point for the company to present. Due to its later release, it could be a reason why Sony is choosing to forgo this marketing opportunity. Then again, Sony does hold a massive stronghold of an install base in Europe as it is.

Personally, I would not be concerned about Sony bypassing Gamescom. While it is a big opportunity and they had a pretty good success last year with P.T. and others, it is good to know that the company knows what plan of marketing they will be pursuing over the course of the next few months. Also the curiosity of the increased support for Paris Games week over Gamescom raises the question if the other major players will follow suit? Microsoft and Nintendo are also said to be making major presences for Paris Games week.

Source: GameSpot

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