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Smite’s latest update to Xbox One brings on Medusa, Account Merging and more!

Killing gods with a Stone-faced glare.

Smite received a pretty hefty update yesterday, but what was in it all? Like all updates to the game, there is a lot to cover. Luckily for you, we have summarized the biggest changes added to the game.

Account Merging is finally enabled along with tutorials on how to accomplish this task. Xbox players beware, the veterans are inbound!

Custom Auto-Builds for item purchases and on the field upgrades, two of the most anticipated changes have finally made its way to the Xbox port of the game. Players can finally set up auto-builds of gods and save them for whatever matches you should choose to play. These should be some of the best additions to the game to date as there will be no more unnecessary need to scroll around looking for the next item you want in the store or remembering to upgrade in the middle of fighting when you level up.

Emotes and signal calling are making their way to the game. Now not only can you beat your enemies into a pulp but you will be able to dance, point, wave, laugh and mock them all while battling. More importantly you will be able to call signals to your teammates of important tasks that need to be handled. This should be much welcomed for anyone who is unable to verbally communicate with the rest of the team.

Emote Smite

Controller Schemes have been added with slight variations, mainly with name changes. There also have been additions made for left handed players to have more of a variance.

New God – Medusa:

Sidewinder – Passive

Medusa suffers no movement penalty when side strafing and half of the movement penalty when moving backward.

Viper Shot

Medusa shoots out 3 vipers in rapid succession that poisons the targets hit dealing 10/18/26/34/42 (+15% of your Physical Power) as damage every 0.5s for 1.5s. Cooldown 10s. Cost: 40/45/50/55/60.

Acid Spray

Medusa hurls back and spits out a ball of acid deals 90/135/180/225/270 (+70% of your Physical Power) as damage and sprays out acid in a cone behind them.. Cooldown 14s. Cost 70/75/80/85/90.


Medusa quickly slithers forward grabbing and slashing the first enemy she gets to dealing 120/150/180/210/240 (+80% of your Physical Power) as damage. The slash leaves the enemy reeling in pain, reducing their healing by 10/20/30/40/50% for 3s. Cooldown 15s. Cost 85.


Medusa removes her mask revealing her true face, delivering a powerful blast from her horrifying Gorgon gaze. Enemies Take 300/400/500/600/700 (+100% of your Physical Power) as damage and are stunned for 2s if they are looking at Medusa. Enemies not looking at medusa take half damage and are slowed by 50% for 3s. Enemy gods that are killed by Medusa’s gaze will turn into a stone statue and remain behind as a reminder to others. Cooldown 90s. Cost 100.


Like always there is a new god rotation of free gods. Players can now play with Ao Kuang, Bacchus, Osiris, Cupid and Bastet.

There are many more updates with new skins and adjustments to gods & items. You can see all the rest of the update here.

Have you been left out of the fun with Smite? No Beta key? No problem. One of you lucky readers will be able to play once you have figured this “massively difficult” puzzle out:

* = W

? = J


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