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Destiny Presents: Twitter Battle Royale!

Is all out merchant warfare inevitable?

Are you having a case of the Mondays? Don't worry, I have you covered!

UPDATE 2: The onslaught from the Cryptarch continues as he once again brings the pain with his tweets!

Cryptarch troll 2 Cryptarch troll 3

Things are starting to get pretty personal around the Tower.


UPDATE 1: The fighting ensues. The Cryptarch has taken a shot at every guardian without an elusive Gjallarhorn! Brother Vance indicated that the Gjallarhorn is overrated stating that even Xur once sold the majestic heavy weapon!

Fighting ensues


The original article is listed unchanged below.


Right now the world of Destiny is engaged in a complete Twitter battle!

The first shot was fired from none other than the Cryptarch himself at Community Manager Deej of Bungie:

Cryptarch Trolling


This is surely a reference back to when Deej was gifted a Gjallarhorn during the reveal of The Reef for the upcoming Destiny DLC House of Wolves. Numerous times Deej did state that the gear he was using was not his, but there were many like it. It’s clear that the Cryptarch is not a fan of Deej holding equipment that he didn’t have the pleasure of not giving him.

This isn’t the first time that the Cryptarch and Deej have fired shots at one another.

Deej then responded in his own defense:

Deej Strikes Back

Deej set the record straight that he didn’t need the Cryptarch’s gear and that he was fine without an elusive Gjallarhorn. He then proceeded to set the Cryptarch straight by criticizing his work habit. Many guardians can agree that the Cryptarch is one of the greediest merchants of the Tower. All too often the Cryptarch wants greatness in exchange for dirt. I attempted to mediate the issue while clarifying to Deej about what an asshole the Cryptarch has been ever since setting up shop in the Tower.

Set him straight

Unfortunately my pleas of setting the Cryptarch straight for once has fallen on deaf ears.

Shortly thereafter, a new challenger approached when Brother Vance declared all out merchant warfare on the Cryptarch!

Brother Vance

No word of a response yet, but this is surely just the beginning of a shady underground merchant warfare to come. Stay tuned!

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