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Gears of War 1 Remastered for the Xbox One Gameplay Screenshots – this time for real!

UPDATE: Gameplay now available, please see HERE!

UPDATE: I have had some new images provided that are a bit clearer than those below which have come from some gameplay that was leaked today and taken down literally only moments later.



iw1 iw2 iw3


After yesterday’s debacle with what was thought to be images Gears of War Remastered for the Xbox One (sadly turning out just be hi-res images modded on the PC with 4K resolution) today we actually have images for you.

Now be pre-warned – the quality is not good, I’m pretty sure who ever took these pics (can’t tell you, won’t tell you, so don’t ask me) must have been using a potato for a camera but here is what you should have got yesterday instead of modded PC plants.

leak1 leak3 leak4leak2Now don’t go getting all up in arms about this ruining the launch as we already know about the Gears of War 1 Remastered for the Xbox One. This just adds a bit more weight to those rumors and gives the Gears community some solid hope that we have an announcement coming very soon.

I have actually seen this video footage, this is just some stills that were taken from that. So sit back, relax and know that Gears of War is on it’s way to an Xbox One near you soon.

For more conversation on the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition check out the latest installment in the EXL Podcast:


9 Comments on Gears of War 1 Remastered for the Xbox One Gameplay Screenshots – this time for real!

  1. Jim Layhe // May 14, 2015 at 8:43 AM // Reply

    meh… even if it’s real, they can keep it. just personally exhausted for more remakes, i mean remasters.. i mean……


  2. Big Bobby // May 14, 2015 at 2:49 AM // Reply

    This gen still struggles to deliver the games. It’s bottom of the bucket when remakes are thrown out, especially when they can top £40. I’ll admit that I played The Last of Us on the PS4 because I never played it on the PS3. Graphically, it looked like a PS3 game. But there’s also games out there on the Xbox One and PS4 that are basically last gen games (Far Cry 4 and The New Order as examples). But this gen won’t last long (it’ll be 2 years old this year). Give it around 3 years and it’ll be Xbox Two and PS5. Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony need a huge master plan for next gen. As for Gears of War, it’s a quality franchise (I’ve not played Judgement), but by now, a new Gears of War should be launching this year on Xbox One.


  3. Wait so a proper remake or an Unreal 3 engine upscale port? If its the latter, what is the point? Mortal Kombat X couldn’t even hit 1080p 60fps on Unreal Engine 3 on Xbone, what makes people think this will be better or is big deal in any way?


    • this is epic games game and engine. im pretty sure they could optimize the engine wayyy better than Wb can


      • I know that but Epic aren’t doing this remaster anyway so that’s irrelevant. And after what Rocksteady, and even NetherRealm for that matter (Not WB), have done with Unreal 3 and the Batman games, I’m certainly not going to blame them if Arkham Knight can’t get to 1080p on Xbone.
        Its STILL not going to look like much as the Unreal 3 engine is very limited (like it always was this past decade) and will look even more dated in late 2015, just look at MK X.
        Anyway, why is this leaked footage floating around CONSTANTLY in the exact same street on the map??? Its as if this is fake and just a simple mod for Gears 1 on PC and this one tiny street has been modded to look a little bit better and he is afraid to leave it.


      • Poor PS Poor people // May 14, 2015 at 5:17 AM //

        He’s crying because poor dying $0N¥ = lies and overhype that underdelivers and he can’t afford anything else.


  4. I & the Gears of War PC Community have waited a long time for Gears to return to PC. This is good news for Xbox/Windows PC & Gears of War


  5. I could go for some gears remake action. I’d love it on pc so I could play at 4k resolution and 60fps but I’ll take an xbox one version


  6. drghettoblaster // May 13, 2015 at 6:34 PM // Reply

    Still much rather hoping for a Gears of War 1-J HD remaster collection in 1080p/60fps on 1 disc (much like H:MCC) as opposed to them remaking 1 game individually.

    Something like this would be PERFECT…


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