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4K YouTube videos, order pizza via Twitter & other new YouTube addition

There are a couple of cool new features available on YouTube that you may not know about, one of which is rolling out rather slowly. If you don’t want to have to wait for these features to eventually roll out for you, I am going to show you how you can enable them now, plus I’m also going to tell you how you can now become an even lazier gamer by being able to order a pizza via twitter.

If you want a written version to refer to once you go off to make these changes please see below the video.

So firstly, YouTube new feature number one. The new transparent player:

This feature turns the control bar at the bottom transparent so that you can see even more of your favorite videos than you were able to before.

To enable this in Chrome you have to install a cookie editor, like the one you can find here: EditThisCookie

After that launch YouTube and you will see that there is now an ‘Edit This Cookie’ button on the URL bar.

Click that and locate a line that says this: VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE

Once you locate that click on it and expand it. You will see there is a box where you can enter the value, replace whats currently there with this: Q06SngRDTGA

Now click the green check mark at the base to save changes.


Once you refresh your screen you will see the new changes are in affect. To bring the bar back simply move your arrow back over the video player.

For Firefox it’s much simpler:

No need to install the extension for this, simply open YouTube in a Firefox browser.

If you are on Windows hit Shift+F2, if you are on Mac hit Function+Shift+F2.

You should now be looking at the developer toolbar.

Go to Tools, then Web Developer and then Developer Toolbar.

At the bottom of this toolbar you need to type in this text: cookie set VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE Q06SngRDTGA

Now press enter.

If once you have done this you don’t like the new transparent bar you can change it back again using these instructions.


Now moving onto the other cool new feature available on YouTube:

Did you know that you can now experience some of your favorite YouTube videos in 4K ultra high definition?

For the most stunning and crystal clear experience on YouTube this is definitely the way to go. Obviously not all video have this capability yet so here is a link to YouTube’s 4K playlist:

this playlist of our favorite 4K videos.

So to begin with search YouTube for 4K videos or use the above playlist. Once you have located one you want to watch click on Filters, and then select 4K. It’s that simple.

If that’s not challenging enough for you or you would like an even more amazing viewing experience, then perhaps you should try out the range of videos on 4K running at 60 fps.

Now keep in mind this is not going to look great on all devices for the obvious reasons, however if you have a decent rig then give it a go. The difference is amazing. To locate these videos use this playlist.

Now to wrap up, if you find yourself famished from all your hours of viewing pleasure of transparent tool bars and 4K resolution videos, you may not have the energy left over to order a pizza online.

Luckily you can now do so via Twitter.

Yup that’s right; you can now order a pizza via your Twitter account.

Domino’s Pizza has risen to the challenge once again to keep the hungry hoards of gamers and YouTubers at least slightly nourished as of May 20th this year.

All you will have to do is tweet @dominos and then add the emoji of the pizza you want.

Now to do this you will need to set your Twitter profile up initially online with them so they have your delivery details and such, but after that all that will be needed is a simple tweet and a pizza will be delivered to your door.

Spokesman for Dominos, Tim McIntyre has said that:

“Customers who add their Twitter handle to their Domino’s Pizza Profile will be able to re-order their Easy Order by simply tweeting #EasyOrder. Domino’s will then send their Easy Order through an automated direct message, which customers must confirm.”

So there you have it, a couple of cool new features for YouTube and another addition to assisting obesity across the globe, oh I mean, to make ordering dinner online even easier o . O


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