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My first bounty for House of Wolves was a failure, but it was a worthy failure

Patch 1.2.0 went live today on Destiny and it added a whole bunch of pre-House of Wolves content that players get to explore prior to the official release. I had a bit of time between shifts at my job so I figured I would knock out a bounty really quick; but boy was I wrong. After I picked up bounty from the Queen’s Emissary at the tower I decided I would head to earth and hunt down Baroness Drevis at the Forgotten Shore. In my mind it would be easy and a quick 4k in experience that I would be able to pick up.

UPDATE: After I finally arrived at home from my second shift I sought out to finish my initial task. Luckily this time around there were more guardians to lend aide and was much more successful. Unfortunately, I was unprepared for the “Ether Key” in which you search something out within a limited time frame.

Original story below.


After I arrived at the shore I did some scouting around. At the time there was only one other guardian so if this were a spawned mob I would have a fairly good chance. At one point I heard a ship stop by to drop off troops while I was in a building. I’ve been to the Forgotten Shores hundreds of times and I knew that ships didn’t stop there aside from the random events. Since the event queue didn’t pop up I knew it was her, or at least I thought I knew.

I popped my head out and noticed that there were a few captains in the cave near the valley entrance to the Forgotten Shores. They shouldn’t be there normally, so this was it! I headed over there solo ready to kill some Fallen blood, but I was met with some damn heavy artillery. After only being able to take out the dreg accomplices and no sight of the Baroness a text popped up that the pack grew weary of the battle and disappeared.

I lost my chance and I hadn’t even killed a single captain. After a bit of time the other guardian noticed I was waiting over by the cave and came to join me. Now I thought that we would be able to take on this pack when they spawned again.

After time the ship returned with the same mobs but no baroness. It didn’t matter to me, though, I wanted retribution. After a bit of a fight, and help from a fellow guardian, we were able to clear the mobs. They dropped their cannons that were able to be wielded like the swords from Crota’s forces on Earth and the moon. Within a moment’s notice a new ship appeared with even more of the pack.

After several more rounds of ships a final shipment appeared, within it was the Drevis, the Fallen Baroness that the queen of the Awoken wanted dead. Now was the chance, and again we were met with heavy fire power. One by one we took her guards out until she was the last one left.

Different than her guards, it seemed as if her shield was never waning.  Both of us guardians, and now joined by a less experienced third, were wielding our Murmur’s and using the energy buff to try and bring this shield down. Round after round were wasted and even needing use of ammo synthesis, finally the shield popped and she ducked for cover. Within that time her shield regained its strength and the battle of the shield continued. After another round of shield popping we finally started to lay in some damage; but just like that, the text appeared again and she disappeared. I was unsuccessful in my first official hunt.

You can watch my failure in the video above

Needless to say, these bounties will not be your standard bounty as they are tougher than those. Personally, I believe this will end up making the game better and look forward to such challenges.

How was your first bounty hunt?


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